Tuesday, May 21, 2019

My Head is Still in the Stars

star table topper: QuiltBee
Since I had stars in my head from the Rhubarb Crisp runners I thought I'd finish up a star UFO for the Holly Bazaar and maybe eliminate a smile pile in the sewing room at the same time.

I started this for last year's bazaar but not everything I start gets finished in time, so a little stack of 6" stars has been sitting beside my machine with a pile of potential coordinating fabrics. Many of the pieces were ready to sew so I finished them first. Working on 6" star blocks seemed HUGE compared to the 1 x 2" flying geese, so I breezed through them.

sawtooth star: QuiltBee
Then I had to figure out what to do with them. I had visions of using two versions of the stars throughout (I have a set with the points in mauve and a second set with the points in the mauve floral) but didn't have as many of the first style as I had imagined, and all that mauve was just looking too intense - not enough contrast.

single Irish chain quilt block: QuiltBee
What to do? Try adding a different colour. Voila!

star table topper: QuiltBee
So I spent part of my long weekend putting together two toppers; the second one will go to the Madonna House Gift Shop. Luv how the addition of the green changes and softens the look - very spring like. Now, if only Mother Nature would send a little spring our way....M

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audrey said...

Really sweet looking prints. I bet it felt amazing to zip through the larger stars after working on the tiny ones.:)