Sunday, April 25, 2021

The Dust is Beginning to Settle

With all of the Diamond Dust blocks together now it was time to turn my thoughts to the setting blocks and triangles. 

The blocks will be on point and alternate with white blocks. My go-to white is Kona Snow and I keep a bolt of it on hand, but I wasn't sure that I had enough so I ordered a new bolt from Mad About Patchwork (they have bolts of it on sale regularly and I lucked out with my timing). I wanted to ensure that all of the blocks are from the same dye lot.

I also indulged in a few bits of fabric. I really should look more closely when I order online because that 'Meow' print with paw prints was a real surprise - I was more focused on the colour. Ah well, it will get used. The green pin dot is for my Little Trees but I don't really have a plan for the others.

What I really loved in the bundle is this neutral - it has lots of potential! I think that I used it in black for God's Green Earth.

I had a good laugh when my parcel arrived because somehow the postman had fit it into our Community Mailbox. Must have needed a shoehorn!

For the past year I've been kept very busy with a contract which will wind down now at the end of May. I'm so looking forward to having the dust settle on that work and having more time open up for my quilting - the list in my head is growing and growing....M

Thursday, April 22, 2021

A Special Treasure

The Official Cookie Tester and I are closing in on the last of the goodies in our Easter basket but we're also enjoying a very sweet, calorie-free treat that arrived that weekend as well. Jane made me this adorable bunny perched atop an old wooden spool. It's just tooo cute to put into storage so I've kept it out to enjoy.

Jane has a wonderful eye for whimsy so no detail has gone unnoticed. The spool is wrapped with a beautiful floral ribbon...

And bunny sits in the midst of delicate spring flowers sharing a banner with his Easter message.

A beautiful marbled turquoise bead worked perfectly for bunny's egg and I love the little grass trim that encircles him.

There are many spools in my sewing room but none nearly as special as this one. It is a true original, just like it's talented maker. Thank you Jane!....M


Sunday, April 11, 2021

Spring Stitches

We've been blessed with several days of unseasonably warm temperatures so it's been a joy getting the yard raked up this week. It's always nice to get a jump on cleaning things up early in the season.

After several hours of it yesterday I could easily have headed for a nap, but it was so beautiful outdoors that I picked up Minnie and took her outside instead.

Talk about S-L-O-W stitching! But rather than feeling that I needed to race through things I just stitched at a very pokey speed - so relaxing.

There's a pile of components still to be assembled into setting triangles before the last rounds of hexies are added; I'll continue with them today.

It's a little chiller today so I suspect that I will be stitching from the comfort of a chair indoors, but that's okay too - it's a pretty view....M

Sunday, April 04, 2021

Lena's Little Bunny

Remember those romantic triangles that I was sewing a few weeks ago? Well, they are now a cute little (Easter) bunny for lovely Lena.

After 'steeping' a bit on the design wall, the front came together quite quickly. This is an older Patchwork Rabbit pattern by Tilda and it came together quite nicely.

When it was on the design wall it looked HUGE and I wondered if I had miscalculated, but all of those seam allowances brought it down to a manageable size; it is approximately 22" x 10".

Instead of using a solid for the back I used the lightest florals and love the look.

Stuffing softies has never been a forte - I never know if I've got enough or too much filling. The pattern suggested not going too stiff, that it was to be the density of a cushion. A chopstick helped me get into some of the far reaches, but after it was all together I still noticed one or two spots that could have been done better. Ah well, I don't think that Lena will mind too, too much.

Here's the front. The pattern called for an eye made with fabric paint but I went without to avoid having any toxic materials as I expect that there will be a little chewing on it by its owner.

Here's the back. I say again, I love that print! 

Bunny was delivered yesterday she was a great hit - Lena was quite smitten. It will be a fond reminder of her first Easter.

The basket of Easter goodies on the kitchen table will be my temptation for the next few days (a few may have disappeared while I enjoyed my pancakes this morning...), but the Official Cookie Tester also has a sweet tooth so I will count on having some help. 

Happy Easter everyone!....M

Thursday, April 01, 2021

The Final Four

It's not all been hand sewing of late. Over the weekend I spent some time with my 1" strips again, putting together more Diamond Dust blocks. Only four more to go!

As is usually the case for me, I've taken the long way home. If I had selected several prints to work with at the get-go instead of my scraps, I could have sewn long strip sets and moved things along much faster. 

Working with my scraps means that I'm usually working with two or four-inch strips sets, occasionally something a little longer, which is more time-consuming. 

That's okay. I love being able to use up every bit of fabric that I have and it will end up with a wonderfully scrappy feel.

And before long there's another pile of nine patch blocks ready to be made into a larger square.

Soon it will be time to start thinking borders and binding.....M