Tuesday, October 05, 2021

Time To Get My Little Trees Together Too!

Off and on throughout the last year you've seen the progress and finishes of the Little Trees quilt from Jane, Linda, Sandy, Anne and I. After seeing Sandy's come together I decided that there was no time like the present to move mine forward a little bit, especially as the calendar creeps towards Christmas.

All of the trees are sewn by hand but I decided, in the interest of moving things along, to sew the rows together by machine.

I believe that there are 12 rows with 14 trees to a row. I had one tree left over.

Following Linda's lead, I used a spare bed as my 'design wall' to get the right mix of trees, stumps and backgrounds. That last row really had me hugging the edge...😉.

Credit for moving this along goes to the fact that I had ordered border and backing fabrics. I wasn't certain that they would do the trick, but when they arrived I realized that they would be ideal.

The green will be for the border, possibly with a thin border of the pink check. Love the tiny snowflakes.

And these sweet little snowmen will be the backing. Is it not just the cutest???

I mean, seriously... ADORABLE! Lena is going to love them.

All the rows are together and about a third of them are pressed. I had thought that I'd hand stitch them while watching TV but I think I'll try putting them together by machine so that I can get this flimsy to Roberta and have it back in good time for Christmas (only 81 days to go!)....M


Sandy said...

Looks fantastic Marie! It is a big job laying out all those pieces, and hopefully, sewing them together according to plan! LOL! I think you’re right … Lena will love those snowman! Can’t wait to see what you decide on for the quilting. Have fun!

Cynthia@wabi-sabi-quilts said...

Such cute little trees! Just catching up on some of your blog posts!

audrey said...

Just can't get over how cute your little tree quilt is going to be! Kudos for moving it along a little farther.:)

Energizerbunnie said...

I love your trees! Can you tell me where to get the pattern for the quilt. Thanks for the awesome inspiration

Joanne from Alberta 🇨🇦