Tuesday, August 31, 2021

All Three Quilts Are Finished

My binding spree from a while back has been long finished but I've been slow to share the final results with you. They are three very different quilts but I'm so happy with each one. I'll split the show and tell up into a few posts as there's lots of pics of each.

The first one is the biggie - Snippets. It's huge! As many of my projects do, this one started out on a whim, thinking that it might be a donation quilt. The more I got into it the less it felt like it was going to be given away...

And then when I found the graphic yellow Art Gallery fabric for the border. Well, that just sealed the deal. I think it's what tweaked my Favourite Niece's interests in it too (I had imagined that it was a tad too traditional for her) but she loves it so it will be a housewarming gift for their new home.

I think that this is the widest border that I've ever used on a quilt - it's over a foot wide - and I love it. There may be a lesson in there for me - maybe I don't have to always make tons of blocks, just work with wider borders.

This one really ticks off the 'scrappy' box for me...

there just a little bit of everything in it.

And the remaining bits were worked into a strip on the backing, so no remnants from this one. Combined with all the swirls and curls in the quilting, it makes for a happy quilt.....M

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Baby, Baby, Baby!

Baby quilts are always a treat to look at and the one that Roberta finished up recently is just absolutely adorable! She used a line from Moda called Nest, and it couldn't be any more perfect.

Her parents live in a care home out west and have had an amazing gal taking care of them recently, but her days there were numbered as she was expecting a baby and was soon to be off on maternity leave. She's been so good to them that Roberta felt a little token of her appreciation to welcome baby was in order.

It's a simple Nine Patch which is perfect for showing off the lovely soft turquoise, grey, green and coral prints. Luv, luv, luv! The blocks finished off at six inches with a one-inch sashing - my kind of size.

It's quilted with a fun little panto called Moulin Rouge - lots of great twirls and swirls to play against those square blocks. I think she  used this pattern on one of Jane's quilts recently and she loved hers too.

The backing, border and sashing are is a lovely soft grey crosshatch by Northcott basic called Dublin.

And the binding print has tiny hugs and kisses (Xs and Os) throughout. How perfect is that???

She got it all made, quilted and bound in time to bundle it off before her friend left on mat leave. 

And yes, Miss Ivy gave it her seal of approval.

Once it was in the mail she realized that there were enough remnants to make a second one, and so she did - a perfect excuse to keep playing with that gorgeous fabric.....M

Sunday, August 15, 2021

One More Corner

Anna Levens accompanied me to the lake last week so I'm closing in on having all four corners of hexies for the centre panel filled in.

Just a few more rows to go on the last one. After that I get to work on adding a few rows to each side to make it wider and then it will be on to the borders.

Apparently, today is National Relaxation Day (who knew?) so stitching hexies will be my relaxation method of choice. The Official Cookie Tester got the jump on me, practicing his relaxation technique lakeside. Hope you are enjoying some relaxing stitching today....M

Thursday, August 12, 2021

The Finishing Touches on x/+

While I was at the lake last week Jane was busy putting the finishing touches on a quilt as well, her beautiful x/+ quilt.

Gorgeous as the photos that I had seen were, it is even more spellbinding up close and personal. The colour combinations are so rich, a truly happy quilt.

She bound it with one of the reds that was used in a few blocks and it worked beautifully. 

And I love the striped backing that she chose. It's flannel and she scored a deal on it so that made her doubly happy!

She spent the day finishing up the binding. 

And I have to share this pic with you. I mentioned in my last post that Jane and Linda are headed east in a week or two to visit family. Lucy, who Linda's Little Trees quilt was made for, just loves to play in her toy kitchen so Jane has made a collection of felt food for her as a birthday gift. Isn't it just the sweetest stuff? She will be over the moon!....M

Saturday, August 07, 2021

Christmas at the Lake

Slowly we are beginning to venture away from home for short trips and the other day I shared the undeniable pleasure of hand stitching on the deck at Jane's lakeside home, accompanied by both Linda and Jane. The the usual show and tell unfolded, with lots of gorgeous projects to share; top of mind was Linda's charming Little Trees

It's for her youngest granddaughter, Lucy, who recently moved out to the east coast. It will be a Christmas gift but she and Jane are heading out for a visit in a couple of weeks so she wanted it finished up so that it could be wrapped and delivered in person.

It is just SO sweet, isn't it?! In addition to adding a couple of borders she stitched a personalized message, the icing on the cake.

And could that backing be any more fun?? It's flannel so it is guaranteed to be warm and cuddly. Such a special gift - Lucy will be more than thrilled!

The finishing touches are all done so nothing left to do but get it wrapped and delivered....M

Monday, August 02, 2021

Two and Counting

The binding gods are on my side - Snippets is bound and God's Green Earth is well on it's way to being bound as well. Woohoo!

My Wonder Clips are still AWOL (guess I'm better at Hide and Seek than I had imagined) but while searching for them in the sewing room I found an unopened pack that I quickly pressed into service. A few years ago a bought several packs for gifts and had miscounted so I had one to the good - they have certainly come in handy.

That two-colour binding for God's Green Earth is fast becoming a fave...

especially when combined with the two-colour backing. Lots to keep the eye interested. I'll share more pics when I finish binding the third, Huddle, but for now I'm pinching myself that I've been able to move these two along as quickly as I have.....M