Thursday, May 13, 2021

Blueberry Pie Anyone?

Sandy hasn't let any grass grow under her feet during this pandemic and the latest lockdown in our province seems to have been just the ticket for finding the time to quilt Blueberry Pie. Isn't it gorgeous??? I'd like to wrap myself up in it too!

She would tell you that she's probably spending too much time on Netflix, but I say it's time well spent. 

There are a lot of different sized pieces in this one so she struggled a bit deciding how to quilt it, but once the design was confirmed it worked up quite quickly. Masking tape was a huge help as it was easy to get lost in some of the fabrics. Her biggest conundrum was the border and what to do with all those Flying Geese, but the arrow pattern that she used works beautifully.

Just love all those buttery yellows and rich blues together.

And, kind soul that she is, she has already got her gorgeous Log Cabin, WhizBang, in the hoop because Ed doesn't like it when the chair in the living room doesn't have a project on it 😄! Actually, its an effort to get ahead of the summer heat because once things warm up it will be put away until it's comfortable to have a quilt on her lap again. So looking forward to seeing this one too!....M

Saturday, May 08, 2021

It's Been a Long, Long Time

It feels like its been all Minnie, all the time around here lately so it was time to mix it up a bit (I would dearly love to see Minnie finished this year but I still want to like her when she is 😉!). 

In search of something else to pick up nothing much seemed to appeal - either I had to cut or lay out blocks. I just wanted something to sew. So I went and sat in front of my machine to ponder my options and found the answer staring me in the face. Halo!

I cannot even begin to remember the last time I sewed on it (it has lived on my design wall all this time) but I had tons of the pieces cut and ready to go, so decision made.

With all the curves involved, it's not speed sewing by any stretch of the imagination, but periodically I will sit down and sew eight or ten more pie-shaped pieces and get them up on the wall...

filling in spots as I go.

Then I prep a batch and I'm ready to sew the next time I sit in.

Soon I think I'll switch to assembling blocks. When I've been laying things out I've focused on the circles and the fabric combos therein...

but this is the block layout, with the pie-shaped pieces in each corner. Lots more curves to sew! This will give me a new perspective on everything and might result in a few moves, but I think I'll just see where things take me....M

Saturday, May 01, 2021

A Little Light Reading

Are you familiar with Quiltfolk magazine? Last year I became a subscriber and have thoroughly enjoyed travelling throughout the States with each new issue. 

Recently they offered free shipping on a bundle of back issues to their Canadian subscribers so I jumped at the opportunity. 

Five new issues have arrived so I'm getting ready for a personal mini-retreat to pour over each one of them. I'm headed to Tennessee, Eastern Massachusetts, Michigan, Utah and Vermont, not necessarily in that order.

Each issue explores makers and their stories from an individual state, from traditional to modern and everything in between. It is ad-free and filled with great photography, making it a visual treat totally focused on the craft.

As is the way with quilts, the back stories add layers of interest to what the eye beholds - a rich source of inspiration that gets the creative juices flowing.

The magazines are too good not to share so they go into a rotation with my quilty friends who are equally enthralled. I'm off to make a pot of tea....M

Sunday, April 25, 2021

The Dust is Beginning to Settle

With all of the Diamond Dust blocks together now it was time to turn my thoughts to the setting blocks and triangles. 

The blocks will be on point and alternate with white blocks. My go-to white is Kona Snow and I keep a bolt of it on hand, but I wasn't sure that I had enough so I ordered a new bolt from Mad About Patchwork (they have bolts of it on sale regularly and I lucked out with my timing). I wanted to ensure that all of the blocks are from the same dye lot.

I also indulged in a few bits of fabric. I really should look more closely when I order online because that 'Meow' print with paw prints was a real surprise - I was more focused on the colour. Ah well, it will get used. The green pin dot is for my Little Trees but I don't really have a plan for the others.

What I really loved in the bundle is this neutral - it has lots of potential! I think that I used it in black for God's Green Earth.

I had a good laugh when my parcel arrived because somehow the postman had fit it into our Community Mailbox. Must have needed a shoehorn!

For the past year I've been kept very busy with a contract which will wind down now at the end of May. I'm so looking forward to having the dust settle on that work and having more time open up for my quilting - the list in my head is growing and growing....M