Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Christmas Thistles

I tried another new pattern for a Holly Bazaar table topper. While the end result was okay, I have to say that I didn't really enjoy this pattern.

It's Thistles by Fig Tree. I'd seen a version done up with four different blossoms and quite liked it (I believe it was an autumn palette so I aimed to make a Christmas version). Maybe it's me, but I seemed to spend a lot of time flipping back and forth between pages to confirm the number and size of each square to cut and finally worked it backwards, using the graphic of the block. 

I'm really happy that, for simplicity's sake, I made all of the thistles identical because if not, I might still be sewing ­čśĆ.

There was a little piece of this red pinecone print hiding in my stash so I used it for the centre of each thistle. Unfortunately, the pic doesn't do the colour  justice.

And how about a gaggle of flying geese? This gorgeous green was from Roberta who has a bolt of it that she is eager to get used up, so I tried to comply as much as I could. It will be backed and bound with the green as well, so that will help her out a little more.
I was getting impatient with it by the end so, even though I had made the four cornerstone blocks for the border, I opted not to add them in and I think it still works. This will be another one that will be quilted with the snowflake panto.

It finishes off at about 28 inches square so it will be nice on a good-sized table. I guess you could also use it under a mini Christmas tree, if you were so inclined.....M



Kate said...

It's beautiful, Marie. You'll be pleased that you persevered.

Julierose said...

I think your Christmas version is so lovely--it's a shame that some patterns are difficult to figure out --[uhhh perhaps that's why I can never seem (seam??) to stay on the pattern as written, but always stray off into something else???]
I tend to use most patterns as a "jumping off" place...but that's just me.
At any rate, you did a lovely job on this...;)))
Hugs Julierose

Kyle said...

Your table topper turned out very pretty. Someone will love it. I'm sorry that it was a pain to do. It's hard to keep sewing on something that isn't fun, but you stuck with it.

Rebecca Grace said...

Sorry the pattern gave you grief but the end result sure is pretty! I have trouble following pattern instructions, too. I want to do it MY WAY…. ;-)

Cynthia@wabi-sabi-quilts said...

It certainly is a very pretty result with those great fabrics. Glad it was a small project if the pattern instructions were tedious.

marina said...


Sandy said...

It’s beautiful, Marie! A frustrating pattern has probably dimmed your passion for it, but wait til it’s quilted … you will love it!

Linda Shulist said...

Well done Marie, love this topper, reminds me of the parcheesi game.

Jane said...

Yes, I agree with Linda on the Parcheesi board! I love this topper and think you did a great job with the fabric choices. Just be happy you didn't commit to doing an entire quilt!