Sunday, September 26, 2021

The Pumpkins of Versailles

Let me start by saying that I have absolutely no idea if there are pumpkins at Versailles. But, I've been playing around with a pumpkin pattern and it has ended up with a really French vibe (at least to my mind), so meet the Pumpkins of Versailles.

It's that time of the year when I start panicking about meeting Holly Bazaar deadlines which is held in early November, so I've been pondering small projects that would work up quickly and hopefully be a hit on the the craft table. I don't have a firm date to work with yet for this year, but last year they hosted a very successful remote version of the bazaar so I'm going to jump in and make a few things so that I'm not caught scrambling more than necessary if it's a go.

I've been working from a booked called Witch's Night Out by It's Sew Emma and was keen to make a version of the Starlight Pumpkin Block.
I like the ribbon stars but wanted a pumpkin with just one star. So I played around with a couple of the dimensions and gave it a go, giddy with the fact that I'd found this grey and cream toile in my stash. 

With the block made the next question was what to do about a stem and those corners. I opted to go with a 'stylized' pumpkin and forego the stem, and was undecided if the cream snowball corners were a good idea or not, so I slept on it.

With the addition of a border the cream corners seemed to work best, so it was on to finding a backing. How about a little black and white pinstripe?

And maybe the same for the binding? Yup.

I tried using a double thickness of batting for a bit more protection because I find the purchased filler for potholders loud and crinkly, but that wasn't going to work - too puffy and the quilting was a mess - so I spent a little quality time with Jack (the ripper...).
A few vertical lines of quilting and they were ready to bind.

I've just finished the hand stitching for the bindings and love them! Tres chic, if I do say so myself. They finish off around 8" square, which is larger than some like for a potholder, but I like one that gives me good coverage.

It might not be readily apparent to anyone else that these are pumpkins, but that's okay, I love the look. Which means, of course, that I need to make another pair as these babies will be staying in my kitchen!.....M


Chantal said...

Without the stem, it is hard to tell it's a pumpkin but it is still cute. Great job! ;^)

Jayne Honnold said...

This is beautiful!! You definitely have hit a home run with this - maybe even a grand slam! :)

The Cozy Quilter said...

If there were pumpkins at Versaille, they would look like this! Great job!

marina said...

what elegant pumpkins, I would be wanting to keep a set for myself as well, though they would be look only and not be allowed near a pot! lol

Kyle said...

I like the look too. They'll be hit at the bazaar like everything you take. The binding is perfect!

Linda said...

I immediately knew they were pumpkins! I love these, and the toile with that striped binding looks fantastic, such a perfect combo of colors and fabrics. So pretty! What is the Holly Bazaar?

Rebecca Grace said...

I love the combination of pumpkins with toile. Very unexpected and oui, très français! Fabulous!