Thursday, September 23, 2021

Graphic and Gorgeous Little Trees

Sandy was in town for a visit a few weeks ago so I was lucky enough to see her Little Trees in person. Just gorgeous!

Her palette and fabrics lean more to the contemporary side with wonderful graphic elements (including black trees!) and it really works.

She's got all of her trees together and to assemble the flimsy she is sewing together 'blocks' of 18 trees, numbering them as she goes, and will then sew the blocks together. Since it's being stitched by hand this helps her to work with smaller sections and avoids having to deal with the bulk of a growing flimsy. Clever girl.

And, she found a few great fabrics for borders and backing. Don't you just love the Christmas bicycle print? It's for the backing. 

Those baskets are filled with mistletoe (or is that a tiny tree?) and a lovely stack of prezzies is balanced on the back fender. Apparently she scored a great deal at her local Fabricland; I went looking for some in town, but no luck.

The red pinstripe will be for the binding. Very candy cane!

All told, five of us will have made Little Trees when all is said and done and I continue to be intrigued with how the different approaches work up in the same pattern. So looking forward to seeing how this one evolves....M 


Jane said...

I love Sandy's tree quilt! She has done such a great job with picking fabrics, and I especially love the bicycle print. What a great score!

Rebecca Grace said...

What a lovely modern-vibe Christmas quilt pattern! I agree; her fabrics really work well for this one and make it such a fun quilt. Crushing on that Christmas bicycle print!

audrey said...

Fantastic looking! I especially love the texty fabrics and polka dots.:)

The Joyful Quilter said...

Awesome quilt top and fabulous fabric choices for the finishing!!

Bonnie said...

That top looks great.

Deb Hillyer said...

hello. I'm late to the party but where can I find the pattern for the little tree quilt? Thank you.

Linda Shulist said...

Hi Marie: so enjoyed your two blogs on the little Christmas tree quilts (yours and Sandy's). So much fun seeing everyone interpretation and fabric choices. Delicious food for the eyes. Congrats Ladies on your wonderful finishes. Linda