Sunday, April 04, 2021

Lena's Little Bunny

Remember those romantic triangles that I was sewing a few weeks ago? Well, they are now a cute little (Easter) bunny for lovely Lena.

After 'steeping' a bit on the design wall, the front came together quite quickly. This is an older Patchwork Rabbit pattern by Tilda and it came together quite nicely.

When it was on the design wall it looked HUGE and I wondered if I had miscalculated, but all of those seam allowances brought it down to a manageable size; it is approximately 22" x 10".

Instead of using a solid for the back I used the lightest florals and love the look.

Stuffing softies has never been a forte - I never know if I've got enough or too much filling. The pattern suggested not going too stiff, that it was to be the density of a cushion. A chopstick helped me get into some of the far reaches, but after it was all together I still noticed one or two spots that could have been done better. Ah well, I don't think that Lena will mind too, too much.

Here's the front. The pattern called for an eye made with fabric paint but I went without to avoid having any toxic materials as I expect that there will be a little chewing on it by its owner.

Here's the back. I say again, I love that print! 

Bunny was delivered yesterday she was a great hit - Lena was quite smitten. It will be a fond reminder of her first Easter.

The basket of Easter goodies on the kitchen table will be my temptation for the next few days (a few may have disappeared while I enjoyed my pancakes this morning...), but the Official Cookie Tester also has a sweet tooth so I will count on having some help. 

Happy Easter everyone!....M


Kyle said...

What a sweet little Easter bunny. Chopsticks do make a good tool for stuffing, although, stuffing isn't my forte either.

audrey said...

This is the cutest bunny! Love the scrappy front and that backing fabric just makes me smile. I have a fat quarter of it and have had the hardest time using it because I love it too much!

Nancy @ Grace and Peace Quilting said...

What a sweet bunny!!!

Sandy said...

What a sweet gift for Lena’s 1st Easter! Gorgeous colours, and perfect shape. I’d like an adult-sized version to snuggle up with!

bettyb said...

Love the bunny! That is the same backing that you were so kind to give me for the back for the white quilt I made after Jula's wedding.

Anonymous said...

Lovely Bunny Marie, looks fabulous. xo Lindianna

Arlene said...

Oh my, a treasured keepsake!