Friday, February 03, 2023

Hexie Heaven

Why baste just one quilt when you can do two? After Sandy had finished basting what I am calling Under the Sea she wasted no time moving along and putting Hexie Heaven on the basting table, another colourful beauty. Look at all of those hexies; a girl after my own heart.

During the last year, when she wasn't stitching little fish she's been busy turning her Kaffe jelly rolls into hexies - so colourful! She scored a terrific deal on three of them a while back and managed to find the last one, called Parakeet, online, so that made her really happy.

This project went with her to the lovely island of Male in the Maldives for a dive trip. All of that time in the air resulted in lots of progress. 

While on a stopover in Abu Dhabi she noticed that there was no shortage of hexie inspiration. Just look at that ceiling!

It's a mosaic tile structure; just look at all of the tiny pieces!

The backing is a Kaffe as well, this gorgeous Millefiore print in rich blues, the perfect foil for all those lovely hexies on the front. Luv.

Here's a better shot of the entire top.

She is hand quilting this one, wanting to keep the pattern simple and also maintain the outline of the flowers. There's still some thinking to be done regarding how to quilt the border. She seems to remember seeing a hexie quilt where they’d somehow managed to quilt it looking like lattice work, which sounds lovely, so I suspect that there will be a deep dive into Pinterest one of these days to see if she can find that again. In the meantime, she's enjoying all of those lovely hexie flowers....M


Julierose said...

Wow; that hexie piece is just so beautiful--really nice work;)))
hugs, Julierose

Kyle said...

Wow! So gorgeous!

Cynthia@wabi-sabi-quilts said...

Gorgeous hexies - luscious fabrics!

Jane said...

Another beauty Sandy! I don't have the patience to make a hexi quilt, but maybe if it was Kaffe Fassett I would attempt it. No, not even that would make me try! LOL

Sandy said...

Thanks, Ladies! I’m a bit of a hexie addict … I blame that on you, Marie … LOL! The vibrant colours & fabrics were inspired by some of your quilts, Jane. I’ve always loved the way you put fabric patterns together, and it works!

bettyb said...

Love the way the white divider hexies POP!!