Saturday, January 28, 2023

Under The Sea

About a year ago I got a note from Sandy showing me the beginnings of her latest project. It's now basted it and ready to quilt so why not take a look?

You will recall that Sandy and Ed are divers. While they were doing on-line shopping with the group that handles their dive trips, one of the destinations - Volivoli Beach Resort in Fiji - had a logo that just called to her, so she drafted a darling little fish pattern based on it and she was off. Her timing coincided perfectly with the Olympics last winter, a great time to have handwork at the ready.
She has hand pieced 22 7-inch blocks and alternated them with a tone-on-tone cream. Aren't they adorable? So reminiscent of the wonders they discover in the waters that they explore. 

This one will be machine quilted so she doesn't want the solid sections to be too unmanageable. She hasn't used her templates for a couple of years so no use testing the quilt gods more than you have to. Been there, done that!

Check out the fabulous backing fabric that Ed found! Could it be any more perfect? He found it on Spoonflower. I have a feeling that the mermaid in Jane will be a little jealous...

Here's a closeup.

This will be a throw for Ed (replacing/alternating with his Minions throw ­čśĆ). He is really big on diving so I know that he will love being wrapped up in it when he can't be under the sea.

Oh, and just to make you totally green with envy, this is a sample of the little pieces of heaven that their travels take them to. A lovely thought on a winter's day....M


Rebecca Grace said...

Marie, those little fishies are adorable!

Kyle said...

Those tropical fish are great and the Spoonflower fabric is perfect. It's interesting where quilters find inspiration.

Lindianna said...

Oh this fishy quilt is totally awesome. Great Job Sandy! And I think you need to save the Spoonflower fabric scraps for Janie! xo Linda

Jane said...

Oh Sandy, this is such a cute quilt! That Ed is one spoiled man. I hope he knows it! Yes, I would love some scraps to make another mermaid doll.

Sandy said...

Thanks, Ladies! This project is still on hold, but I’m anxious to get started. I had knee replacement last summer, so my machine gathered dust for several months. I figured before I attempted circles and waves, I’d better see if I remember how to sew straight lines, so a baby quilt is currently in the works!

For sure I’ll have some fabric for you, Jane!

bettyb said...

Looks kinda fishy to me -- but I LOVE the graphic look!