Tuesday, January 17, 2023

My Worst Nightmare

For as long as I can remember I have had this thing about moths, and not in a good way. They creep me out so I try and avoid them as much as possible; it's just safer for everyone concerned. Jane, on the other hand, loves them. So much so that they are the feature of the latest quilt that she's been working on.

She started cutting back in September and then was off to the races.

The soft tomato reds and sage greens work really well together with the mustard, green and cream colours in the moth print, and a little bit of grey/low volume prints keeps everything nicely subdued.

It's a log cabin of sorts. She started making the blocks without seeing the entire layout of the quilt so she didn't realize that if you placed four coloured corners together they would work to make a circle . She has laid them out randomly, concerned more with the placement of the different types/colours of moths rather than the corners. 

A few bug prints were added to keep the moths company, of course.

Oh, and how about a few ants?

She was getting ready to add the last strip of blocks to it when I last saw her so it will be ready to quilt now. Fastest hand sewer in the west!

So lovely.

Sorry Jane, beautiful as it is, I just don't think that I could sleep under this one but I will be keen to see how you get it quilted....M

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Sandy said...

Only Jane can make bugs work so beautifully! LOL! Once again, she’s knocked it out of the park! Great colour combos. Will she choose a bug theme for quilting … can’t wait to see!!!