Friday, February 28, 2020

This is Waaaaay Overdue

In September when Sandy was up for our girls' weekend I snapped a few pics of the nine-patch that she was working on but they got totally buried. Well, since then she has sent through a few more goodies to share so today's the day!

This was a great quilt to be working on in September because the fabrics are very autumnal. Having two sizes of nine-patch blocks to work with gave her the opportunity to use the smaller size as cornerstone blocks in her sashing.

We had laid it out on the floor to chat about border options as you can see by the telltale 'quilter's stance' in the pic. For the life of me I cannot remember where we landed but it appears that a border made from the larger squares was definitely in contention.

Earlier this month she sent through pics of a new scrappy project that she'd started that falls into the 'what was I thinking???'' category - a Postage Stamp quilt made with 1.5" squares. She's been busy working through all of her fabrics to get lots of variety.

She describes it as an easy peasy hand stitching project while curled up with Netflix and at last count just over 200 blocks were finished. Obviously her love affair with nine-patches is far from over.

If you look closely you will see a very special little square from the Bite Me fabric that I had gifted her Minion-loving husband Ed. You will recall that he was planning to have a cape made of it 😉 and was quite taken aback when he realized that she had cut a strip from it! Not to worry Ed, it's all for a good cause.

#QuiltBee: Blueberry Pie quilt blocks
And, she has finally cut into that dreamy fat quarter stack of blues and yellows that she scored a deal on late in the fall. Isn't this gorgeous? It's another nine-patch block format called Blueberry Pie and is a lovely combo of HSTs and Flying Geese. This one is being done on the machine but but the ripper has been close at hand. She feels that she makes way more mistakes when she's not hand stitching but has figured out that getting out an assembled block for reference before she fires up the machine is a good idea.

There are another eight blocks in the works right now... six will have the darks and lights reversed. Final sized has yet to be determined but so far she's thrilled with this one, and why not? I

And her last pic came with this message, "I know you’ll get this! I’m excited for the little package of triangle trimmings! Seemed a shame to throw them out when they could be stitched into something else, right???". Girl after my own heart....M


bettyb said...

Lovely work by Sandy!!

The blues and yellow are my FAV.


Kyle said...

Sandy's love affair with nine patches seems to keep going. Her work is lovely.

Jane said...

Keep up the good work Sandy. Love the tiny scrappy nine-patch that you are working on.

Love Of Quilts said...

Pretty Quilt!

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