Wednesday, February 12, 2020

I Outfoxed the Squirrels!

It turns out I really can focus when I need to. I kept my head down and the squirrels out of my sewing room and now all 80 of my Pineapple Tidbits blocks are together (no squirrels were killed in the making of these blocks!).

When they were all prepped I pulled out the biscuit tin that I'd been storing them in over the years and did a final count - there's actually 83. My sister Frances is making the same quilt (we took the course together) and just recently resurrected it, so I'll see if she can use the extras.

You can see from my sticky notes both just how far back this project dates and how I changed my mind about its size as time went on. Guess at one point I decided that it had a better chance of being finished as a lap quilt rather than a full sized quilt and I think that was a good decision.

It was fun to look through the earlier blocks and recognize fabrics that I no longer had in my baggies; I particularly love this red and white check. The zigzag around the edge of the block just helps keep the block and its flannelette foundation together and I think will be a big help when its time to assemble the top, particularly at the corners.

They all begin with a red square and at one point in the process I decided that maybe I should avoid having red elsewhere in the block, but recently changed my mind on that again. I'm glad that I did - it just adds a little more interest.

So once I finish patting myself on the back I will bask in the glow of knowing that I have finished my blocks, succumb to other stitching temptations for a bit and wait for the motivation to assemble this quilt to strike....M


Kyle said...

Wow! What an awesome stack. You should be patting yourself on the back. That's a time consuming block. I love seeing when you started😉

Shasta Matova said...

Wow that is a great big stack. Congratulations on going over and beyond. I look forward to seeing the completed quilt. I think you sent the squirrels over to my house. You can have them back now.

Sandy said...

Congrats, Marie! Those blocks are gorgeous! Curious about the next process. Will you join them together directly, or will you have to do sashing because of the extra thickness of the felt?

audrey said...

Yay! Wonderful job.:)

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