Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Pretty In Pink

A second skinny border made it to the Holly Bazaar sewing list, this time in a table topper.

There was a small, almost square piece of this pretty fabric in my stash. Love it, and have been trying to find a way to use it, but I was having just the hardest time finding anything to match it with because my Christmas prints lean to the traditional reds and greens.

To let the anchor print shine, I decided to keep things simple and create borders around a centre panel. How about a little cream and gold?

Two golds were in the running for the narrow border and I went with the one on the right. It looks light in this photo but when paired with the cream text print shown above it was the right choice.

The piece was almost 21" square so not a lot to play with, which meant that I had to be very exact about my cuts so as to have all of my borders work. The cutting gods were on my side.

Roberta used my favourite feathered swirl panto to quilt it. LUV.

The darker gold for the binding just mixed things up a bit. Either of the golds would have worked, but this just added a little interest.
It's very pretty and those golden tones really suit the evergreen print. If I had this colour scheme in my house it wouldn't have made it out the door, but someone else will enjoy it....M 


Joyful Quilter said...

Love the simple design! The skinny border is perfect.

Rebecca Grace said...

Beautiful way to use that fabric, Marie, and I'm sure some lucky shopper will snap it up at the bazaar!

Sandy said...

I bet that gem didn’t last long at the Bazaar table! Gorgeous colours, and I love the gold with the wording on it!