Friday, November 17, 2023

Oh My Stars 2.0

Since deciding that the first Oh My Stars table runner was staying with me I had to make a replacement. After all, if the gals at the bazaar were to make any money on these items I had to stop squirrelling them away for myself, right?

So I pulled out a little bundle of fat quarters that were sort of a 'mistake' online order a while back. Nice, but not really the Christmas colours that I usually gravitate towards and I had bought them with the intent of using them for the bazaar so no point having them sit in the stash forever, right?

The evergreen border required some thinking as to what to do with the colours in the stars. I ended up with snowflake centres and a little white on white polka dot for the points, so from a distance they read all white, giving me lots of contrast between the them and the borders.

And I also wanted continuous borders for this one to let that green print really shine so my math skills were put to the test. With just one small join I managed to swing it.

This is all that I had left of the evergreen print at the end of the day.

It is quilted with a stylized snowflake pattern and swirls...

which resembles flakes that are scattered throughout a few of the prints.

When I found this check in my stash I just knew it was going to be the binding.

Most of the runners that I made this year had the same backing, this beautiful stylized paisley that I was able to get through Roberta. Those tiny pops of colour scattered throughout are very Christmassy and the cream was neutral enough to work with just about anything.

I have to say that this fabric bundle proved to be a teaching moment for me. It wasn't until everything came together in the end that I was convinced about the border fabric was going to work as well as the lighter option that I had chosen for the first runner, but it did. Note to self...M


Anonymous said...

It looks like a perfect combination of colors, and that binding makes it sing!

Sandy said...

I’m obsessed with this pattern, and have saved so many variations of it! Love your fabrics, and that binding fabric is perfection!