Monday, June 05, 2023

A Little More Yet To Do

Since about mid April I have been playing with scrappy green Log Cabin blocks.

It started after I saw a couple of the Quilts for Survivors blocks that Jean from our church quilting group had made using four 8" blocks with the colours all positioned in the centre. On a whim, I made four blocks. Meh.

It didn't do anything for me, but I couldn't stop making blocks. And then I thought I might also make a pink quilt. I quickly gave my head a shake and determined to find a way for the two colours to play together.

The hunt continued for scraps. And, if I was to make 48 blocks in short order, there had to be a plan. Eventually I worked in batches of 5 or 6, which I could do in just over an hour once I got smart and pre cut all of my strips instead of cutting as I went.

With all of the blocks together now (and one to the good) it was time to test drive a layout. Not bad, but I had envisioned something a little more asymmetrical, something like Jane's work of art.

I simply took the column of blocks from the right side and moved it over to the left side and wa-la! A little tweaking to improve the mix of colours and it was good to go.

Except for that gaping hole in the middle. Two more pink squares are needed and then I can start putting it together....M


Anonymous said...

What a great scrap busting project. I like the asymmetrical layout. Gail at h to e Cozy Quilter

audrey said...

Love this! Log Cabin blocks are always so intriguing sewn up in scrappy fabrics. These colors are really making my heart go pitter patter too. Very sweet.:)