Saturday, May 28, 2022

A Whole Lotta Binding Goin' On

The last few months I've been resolved to move several projects to the finish line, and lately that means making lots of bindings, and lots of hand stitching, of course. The two baby quilts were at the top of the list because baby number two is due in about a week, and, believe it or not, I will have them finished before he/she arrives.

Pink Hearts is for the two-year-old - I totally missed that deadline - and I think she will like it. I do. In addition to those stylized scrappy little hearts throughout I just love the Fandango panto that Roberta used to quilt it - it just brings the whole thing to life in such a beautiful way.

And, as luck would have it, there was enough pink gingham in the stash to bind it with, so I'm pretty happy about that.

Those little pink radishes rolling across the backing are really sweet and a nice contrast to the hard lines of the hearts.

The second quilt, Monkey Business, turned out really well also. I chose a panto of stars and moons that skip across the surface and the swirling pattern softens the geometric shapes in the blocks beautifully.

This quilt took a few twists and turns as it went along. I had thought that the Strawberry Fields print which I used for the backing would also be the sashing, but it turns out that cornerstones was all that was needed, in part because that beautiful taupe pin dot that Roberta found came to the rescue.

It's a pretty quilt without being too feminine.

And the strawberry binding wraps around from the back to finish it off nicely.

Now that I see them quilted I'm thinking that either of these blocks would work equally well for larger quilts. There LOTS of the Strawberry Fields backing left so who knows? Maybe some day I'll take the plunge....M


Karrin Hurd said...

Beautiful quilts and quilting! Have fun binding!

Kyle said...

Sweet finishes. The colors are soft and the quilting designs swirl them all together. Lovely.

Kim said...

Both quilts are lovely in every way. The strawberries, and radishes backing fabrics for each delightful quilt are perfect. Enjoy stitching the binding.

Jenny said...

It's always so nice to get quilts to the finishing line, and your two are lovely!

Sandy said...

Lucky Littles who get to snuggle under these beauties!