Wednesday, August 14, 2019

I'm Not Alone in Tiny Town

#QuiltBee: mini Courthouse Steps block
Anne has been playing around with one-inch strips lately too. She was inspired by Lynn's adorable Courthouse Steps blocks designed for her Cute as a Button table topper, and eventually a quilt called Country Courthouse.

#QuiltBee: mini Courthouse Steps block
Each block is anchored with a little nine patch...

#QuiltBee: mini Courthouse Steps block
And then off she goes adding creams and darks.

#QuiltBee: mini Courthouse Steps block
They are all the same and yet each one very different...

#QuiltBee: mini Courthouse Steps block
and at 4" finished, absolutely adorable.

This started out to be a small project of some sort but looking at all of her cream strips makes me think that she might end up with enough blocks to make a throw, or even something larger (apparently they are very addictive). Whatever its end, it is off to a fabulous start!....M


Chantal said...

I agree, it is off to a fabulous start. ;^)

Kyle said...

Those are some tiny steps. But I can see where they would become addictive. You might even use up a few tiny scraps. I've been working on some log cabin blocks with strips that are 1.25". They would look huge next to 1" pieces.

Nancy @ Grace and Peace Quilting said...

Adorable they are! And how clever to put a nine patch in the middle!