Saturday, December 15, 2018

A Few More Cookies

Fanciful Ribbon cookies: QuiltBee
Despite all of our baking at the Cookie Bakeoff I had a few more recipes that I wanted to make, in part because I needed some for gift baskets and in part because I just wanted to see a few particular cookies on my cookie plate. These Fanciful Ribbons were the first to hit the oven along with another batch of Macaroons.

Sugar & Spice Nuts: QuiltBee
Lori gifted me a jar of these Sugar & Spice Nuts at the Bakeoff and they disappeared in record time so she kindly shared the recipe with me. I added more nuts than it called for (2 c pecans) and there was still lots of coating for them. They make a lovely snack or quick hostess gift, but if you make them I'm warning you, they are very addictive!

Fudge Tartlets: QuiltBee
And, because they are so small, I made a few batches of Lynn's Fudge Tartlets. I have a couple of loaves that I might still bake and will make Mince Tarts for Christmas Eve, but I think that's it for the baking. Although, the Official Cookie Tester is working his way through the tins at a good clips so I might not have a much in the freezer as I think.

Last time around I mentioned that the tree was up and Jane asked to see pics, so here are are few.

We usually get a Fraser Fir because the branches are nice and sturdy but this year had to settle for a Balsam Fir, and this one was both really thick and a little funny shaped, so I spent tons of time pruning it with my gardening secateurs.

It's still a little wonky, but hey - it's a tree. All in all, it didn't turn out too badly. Now to get some gifts wrapped to sit under it!....M


audrey said...

The sugar and spice nuts look especially yummy! I am in awe of your cookie baking skills. Mostly I just drool over pictures and keep to simple sugar cookies.:)

Shelina (formerly known as Shasta) said...

You're making me hungry. Lovely festive post.

Frances B said...

Love the cardinal deco!

Kyle said...

Your baking is inspirational and truly yummy looking. I haven't baked anything yet. It may or not get done this year. 🍪🍪🍪 Enjoy!