Thursday, November 02, 2017


Well, Halloween was a success, for me anyway. I finished binding the last of the sweet little acorn potholders as planned so all eight are ready for the Holly Bazaar.

I backed and bound them with a brown floral and I like the way the little hits of coral pick up the collection of browns used for the acorns.

And I didn't go with the crosshatched quilting that I thought I might. The blocks are so small (6") and I didn't want overkill so I just did one set of diagonal quilting lines, trying to miss the corners so that the stitching lines stayed as true as possible.

When I set out to try this pattern never did I imagine that I'd be making eight of them, but the quilting gods were working in my favour.

There's still the Peppermint Twist toppers to be quilted and bound and I think one more Christmas themed hexie to be made for the Silent Auction. After that it's baking and packaging and then in a week's time I will have my life back....M


Kyle said...

More wonderful items for your bazaar!

Anonymous said...

Out comes the Kitchenaid mixer, never to be put away again until the New Year! Looking forward to seeing what you bake for the Holly Bazaar this year. Wish I could be there to purchase some of your lovely items and baking.

Jocelyn Thurston said...

Those are just so cute and perfectly finished. Good luck with all your planned stitching.