Sunday, November 12, 2017

The Last of the Holly Bazaar Table Toppers

Peppermint Twist Table Topper - Quiltbee
Despite sitting on the back of a chair for quite a while, the two Peppermint Twist table toppers got quilted and bound in time for the bazaar, and I really like how they finished off.

Peppermint Twist Table Topper - QuiltBee
I found a happy red and white polka dot that was perfect for the backing. I have yards of it. At some point the plan was to back a quilt in it but it just seems like a bit much for a large quilt. That said, it might work nicely for Christmas Crumbs (which is still on the design wall, but will likely end up a lap quilt). It is quilted with simple diagonal rows an inch apart, which I quite like because it doesn't take anything away from the pinwheels. Actually, a lap version of Peppermint Twist with this as the backing would be fun too.

They are both bound with a crimson print that frames everything nicely.

hexagon Christmas table topper - QuiltBee
I also promised to make something for the silent auction at the bazaar so I made a Christmas version of the hexie table topper and combined it with a large red candle. Actually, I made three.

My big dilemma was which order to put the fabrics in. This poinsettia print started it all and I thought it would be great as the outer border but I only had enough to eek out three hexies for the centres, so that sort of decided things for me.

One made it to the silent auction and a second went to the craft table.

Today I will finish hand stitching the binding for the third and then it will either go to Madonna House or, I might even keep it. Then again, how many table toppers does one girl really need?....M


Quilter Kathy said...

Lovely projects!
We need LOTS of tabletoppers and these are beautiful!
Enjoy your hand stitching today!

Kate said...

Marie, they're all so beautiful and the peppermint twist toppers look so refreshing and yummy!!

The Cozy Quilter said...

Love the red and white toppers and especially those polka dot backings!

Suzanne said...

All the table toppers came out beautifully...well done!

Quilting Babcia said...

Each of your table toppers is beautiful in its own right, and of course you should keep one for yourself! It's always good to have a spare - things do get spilled occasionally during the holidays.

Sarah said...

Lovely projects and I work on the theory a girl can never have enough table toppers!

Kyle said...

Peppermint Twist is sweet just like candy.

Nancy said...

Such beautiful small quilts -- table toppers, as you call them. They will certainly bring joy to the recipients over Christmas. The red polka dot fabric is too fun. I can imagine it on the back of a large quilt, especially for a young girl. Fun.

Anonymous said...