Monday, August 21, 2017

Backing Things Up

Making quilt backings is probably my least favourite part of the process and can be attested to by the fact that the materials to back my Blue Diamonds - a Kaffe Fassett design - has been sitting on the back of this chair for a few months now. Yes, I said months!

And it's not like that chair is somewhere that I never see it - it's sitting in my kitchen so I see it every day. Sheesh.

It probably didn't help things knowing that it was going to be a pieced back. I found a great piece of pink for it a while back but it wasn't nearly enough so I decided it was a good opportunity to use up whatever bits and pieces of the fabrics that I had used in it.

Finally the spirit moved me but it still took me several hours to get it all together.

I was going to use two large pieces of the pink in the layout but decided at the last minute to save the second piece for the binding, so then the hunt was on to find a replacement. I have more fabric for backings than I care to admit, so with all those blues you would think that shouldn't have been a huge ask, but it turned out to be. Eventually I fournd a combo that would work - I'm not totally over the moon with it, but it works.

So now it's together, but I'm already wondering if the layout works with the front. Guess I'll just have to see what it looks like after it's quilted....M


The Cozy Quilter said...

I think your backing will be just fine! You have used up lots of bits and pieces...always good to be using up stash!

audrey said...

So funny to read this. I dislike making backings too. Will sew together four or five in one day just because I want to get it done and over with! This is going to look very nice tho. The fabrics are perfect!