Friday, August 18, 2017


Not to be outdone by Sandy, Jane had a finish of her own when she and Betty and Sandy were together. She's been working on a gorgeous quilt that she and I designed back in the spring and put the finishing stitches on it two weekends ago. I've been calling it Allspice but apparently Betty has been referring to it as her Jacobean quilt.

When  she was here in the spring she had most of the blocks for the strips finished.

The fabrics are just stunning and when they all came together, even more so.

Here's a closer looks at the different colours used for the narrow strips that run through it. The brown paisley is a print that I had in my stash - love it.

This quilt got Jane through the challenge of this spring's major flooding. Her cottage was under siege from the spring rains the likes of which we had never seen before and was saved from the brink by a small army of volunteers who worked tirelessly for six weeks, not the least of which was her sister Linda. When she had a break she would sit down with her stitching and pray for the best.

Jane has gifted Allspice to Linda as a thank you for all of her support throughout the ordeal, which is beautiful gesture (sisters are the best!). Apparently Roberta will be quilting it and I am so looking forward to seeing the finished product....M


Kyle said...

Another beautiful quilt with a touching story

Julierose said...

This is such a beautiful quilt--love all those fabrics playing off each other...and what a wonderful gift...hugs, Julierose

marina said...

Beautiful quilt and love the story behind it makes it so special.
Beautiful quilts in your preview post too!
They look so lovely in your garden

Chantal L. said...

Beautiful quilt. And we are looking forward to see it quilted too. :^)
Many of my friends were stuck in the same ordeal as Jane. (None made a quilt.) It will be the year to remember. Jane is lucky to have Linda to help and what better way to say thank you. Awesome story. Congrats to Jane for this gorgeous quilt. ;^)

Anonymous said...

Oh LIttle Rie--this quilt is just so, so beautiful. What a gift--I will treasure it always and can't wait til Roberta puts the stitches to it, lol. Thanks for telling the story behind the quilt. Quilting is what kept us sane throughout the flooding. What else is a girl to do between fueling the pumps?? Lindianna xo