Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Special Inspiration

Betty and I enjoyed a special treat last weekend - lunch with our friend Ann who was in town with one of her daughters and her first grandchild. While her daughter visited with friends we three were able to get together and get caught up.

One thing about Ann is that she never shows up empty handed - there's always treats for everyone - which can make some of us look bad (ahem). Sure enough, she had goodies for both of us, these lovely Grandmother's Garden mugs. Now if that's not inspiration to keep me going on my Anna Levens quilt I don't know what is.

I pressed it into service right away, using it to sip my tea as I sit and stitch. It's lovely to look at and helps remind me that some day all of my hexies will be together as well. I think it might also work with Minnie.

All of those cream hexies for the border were becoming a bit monotonous so I dug through some muted scraps and have started cutting the hexies to fill in the four corners. I'll need at least 300 so this will keep me busy for a while too....M


Goofin' Off Around the Block said...

That's an absolutely adorable mug...and very fitting since you're working with so many hexies at the moment. I can't even imagine cutting out 300 of them at the moment. Happy sewing! Andrea

Kyle said...

You're going to be drinking a lot of tea from your lovely new mug to keep motivated with all those hexies to stitch!

Jayne Honnold said...

What a sweet, sweet friend and a sweet, sweet post. Makes me smile. Happy stitching and sipping! :D