Wednesday, October 11, 2017

By The Book

The area around my laptop is constantly surrounded by small sticky notes and scraps of paper filled with ideas for quilting projects and tips that I find on blogs or Pinterest. While it started as a good reference, more and more things are getting lost in the shuffle.

There were notes of every shape and size - whatever was handy to scribble on when I came across an idea.

Some of them are sticky notes, a couple of which even found their way onto the back splash in the kitchen. Time to get more organized. A quilting journal to the rescue!

I made this journal cover a couple of years ago but felt that it fit just a tad too snug so I didn't feel comfortable putting it on the table at the Holly Bazaar to sell. It has been languishing in a closet all this time so I decided that I could put it to good use.

I've started collecting all of those odds and sods and transferring them into the book. It just made too much sense.

It's not rocket science but already I'm finding it a big help to have a single resource - it cuts down on digging around for a particular and tiny slip of paper.

It's also nice to be able to enjoy a journal cover that I made as I've given all the others that I've made away. Love the texture of these covers after they are quilted...M

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Lisa J. said...

Good idea for organization. I have notes in multiple notebooks. It's kind of crazy.