Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter, everyone! E. Bunny has made his rounds to our neighbourhood so now there's nothing left to do but eat all those little eggs that seem to pop up out of nowhere. Darn!

We have an inside joke about an Easter miracle in our family and this year it was me returning to the sewing machine. It seems like ages since I sat down to it, but Anne brought a quilt that she has started for a friend so the two of us disappeared into the sewing room for several hours yesterday.

She has made this pattern for herself and had remnants to work with so she decided to give it a second try. We had worked on it together a few weeks ago and made good progress and after yesterday's session made even more. Here it is laid out on the floor - it think she calls it Stained Glass.

There are just over 2 rows left to do so she has left it with me to work on for a bit while she shifts her attention to a few baby quilts that she's been working on. We'll be adding one or two borders, likely a wide gold border and then one or two narrower ones. How fun for me to have just 'started' a project and be this far along!...M


Grit said...

This looks fantastic.
Happy Easter to you.
Grit from Germany

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter Marie and Anne. I love this stained glass quilt...the colours are so great! Keep up the good work. Jane

Anne said...

I do call it Stained Glass because some of the fabrics in the triangles remind me of stained glass windows. I originally saw this pattern in a magazine but can't recall the name it had been given. I later found it in a quilt book. I don't have the book but it was made by Helen Johnstone of Glendora, New Jersey. I hand stitched the first one and machine stitched this one. I need to finally stretch it so I can start quilting it.