Thursday, June 20, 2024

Counting On Santa To Keep Me Cool

We're on a bit of a holiday this week and we've also been under a massive heat dome, the likes of which we've never seen before, so I have been looking to Santa to help cool things down a bit. 

I'm starting another Good Day, Syre Christmas cross stitch. The one that I made last year was lots of fun but you work it over two threads of linen so at times it's tough to keep your stitches where you need to. For that one, I basted a line through the centre of each axis as a way to help keep me oriented to the pattern, but it still made for lots of counting and recounting.

So, this time I'm basting a grid every 10 stitches apart. It's not the fastest process, again because of the linen, but I've finally finished. Sort of reminded me of Sashiko stitching but more stressful because it is finely woven. Time to start putting a few stitches in and see where that takes me. 

Hope that you are finding ways to stay cool in this heat....M

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