Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Minnie & Me

Minnie is still sitting by my side when we watch TV but only lately have I picked up my needle again. With all the rush to get a few QFS flimsies ready I didn't have the energy left for hand quilting, but this past week or so I have picked up my needle again.

It's such a treat! I love revisiting every flower and diamond.

I remember being determined to incorporate the tiny white floral into this block. It was a very small scrap from Jane and is just the prettiest wee print. I do remember it being a bit tough to work with (I think it's a polished cotton, so a little heavier and a tighter weave) but it was well worth the effort.

And you can't argue with the end result....M


Anonymous said...

Lovely quilting stitches, very pretty work and such patience! I enjoy seeing all your blocks and quilts, they're so varied and I particularly liked the maple leaf block from some time ago, as well as the recent kaleidescope quilt. Thanks for sharing, Elaine in UK

Linda said...

Hi Marie: that little scrap from Jane I believe came from a blouse she repurposed. Lovely job on this quilt, don't think I would have the patience for it. xo

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Ann said...

I have kawandi placemats by my chair for the same reason but haven’t worked on them in weeks. I’ll have to get busy.