Sunday, October 01, 2023

Truth and Reconciliation

Yesterday marked the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation in Canada, honouring the Indigenous children who never returned home from residential schools, as well as survivors, their families and communities. Knowing that we would be recognizing them in church today, it seemed appropriate to have all of the Quilts for Survivors items that we have been working on ready to share with the congregation and receive a blessing.

For the past several months I have posted a beautiful parade of quilts, flimsies and quilt blocks with you, made by my quilting posse. There are still more to come, but I want to show you how incredible they all looked together. 

The first row of pews was laid out with 10 completed quilts and 26 quilt tops. Seeing them all together was so moving and such a testament to the love and energy that our quilters and quilting friends put into this project.

I was overwhelmed seeing everything in one place, especially given that when we started, I had hoped for possibly half a dozen quilt tops.

The variety was just amazing and I know that Vanessa and her team will happily receive our bundle. The shipment will be delivered in a couple of weeks and also include a selection of bindings and backings along with monies raised at Coffee Hour to help offset their shipping costs.

And there's a very special box in the bundle as well. Besides being a quilter, Sandy is also a card maker and she created a dozen incredibly beautiful cards to be tucked in with the quilts when they are sent to individual survivors. So, so special.

An additional 20 quilt blocks will also be sent. I will share more about them in another post.

By my count, 15 quilters worked on this initiative, mostly from Holy Trinity and throughout the Ottawa Valley, but also from as far away as Ottawa and London: piecing, hand quilting, machine quilting. In true quilter fashion, they chose to help comfort those who need it the most and I know from following the QFS Facebook page that each and every recipient will be thrilled to receive a quilt, deeply touched that someone who doesn't know them would go to the effort of making one just for them.

My heart is full....M


The Cozy Quilter said...

Well done! Such a worthwhile cause. These quilts are beautiful.

Linda said...

Congrats Marie and all who contributed to a job well done. Simply amazing! What a positive energy being sent to those who need it. Warms the heart! xo

Sandy said...

Thank you for making this happen, Marie! I know there’s lots of love in the folds of those quilts, and in all the contributions made by your congregation. Beautiful display!

Chantal said...

Bravo to all the participants! Your group really came out with their hearts on their hands. Tuesday is our group meeting and I will remind them that I am sending some quilts to QFS in February or March so there's still plenty of time for them to get sewing. I don't think I will have more than 5 or 6 but it's better than nothing. I admire your group. Again, bravo! ;^)

Anne said...

What a beautiful group effort. I am proud and honoured to have been a part of this amazing project. I love the cards you made Sandy. How appropriate. May all those on the receiving find some small comfort as they wrap themselves in a new quilt. You truly are a survivor and that makes us proud.

Audrey said...

This was such a great post! Love all the love and effort involved in this. The quilts/tops look so beautiful. Such a wonderful gesture.