Sunday, June 17, 2018

Hot Stuff

Candied Hexagons quilt: QuiltBee
It may only be the middle of June but this weekend has been hot, hot, hot! If we don't get a storm later today I'll be very surprised. Ah well, it is the beginning of summer and great to have days like this (especially since Newfoundland received six feet of SNOW this weekend. What the...???).

Candied Hexagons quilt: QuiltBee
In a way, I'm counting my blessings but also thinking that if this weather continues my hand quilting days may be over for a while -  it's just too hot to quilt much in this weather, even with air conditioning.

Candied Hexagons quilt: QuiltBee
I did spend a little time stitching more stars into my Candied Hexagons though and continue to be amazed at the metamorphosis that occurs on a quilt after the quilting is added. That added dimension and pattern takes a block that you like and turns it into a block that you love.

Candied Hexagons quilt: QuiltBee
I've been making slow and steady progress on it lately and hate to lose the momentum. Maybe if I quilted later in the evening, after things have cooled down a bit, I wouldn't have to give up on my hand stitching totally until the fall....M


Kyle said...

Hand quilting in the summer can certainly be challenging. I can remember strategically placing a fan can help cool my legs off!

Jill said...

Warmer weather can make quilting a bit more cumbersome. You are making progress with your small, neat and tidy stitches. Hope you find how to be comfortable while quilting this summer.

Deanna W said...

Working in a hoop can be very warm. Try putting the hoop and quilt on top of a table and having a fan running under the table. A friend did this with a Qsnap frame, set the fan under the frame.
I am just up the highway in North Bay area and we got a bit of a storm but not enough to cool things off, just made it more humid.

Michelle Ridgway said...

I am doing the same as you are but thankfully very cool here now. Your quilting is just lovely x