Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Heavenly HSTs

HST quilt blocks: QuiltBee
Jane has been hand stitching a collection of absolutely beautiful blocks. She found the pattern online but cannot find a name for it so if you know it, please do tell.

HST quilt blocks: QuiltBee
They are made from HSTs and a gorgeous collection of graphic floral prints.

HST quilt blocks: QuiltBee
The combination of coral, green, turquoise and brown is so perfect.

HST quilt blocks: QuiltBee
We were a little puzzled as to how they would connect with each other...

HST quilt blocks: QuiltBee
but when we placed four and stood back a bit a pinwheel was revealed.

With a nice little pile of blocks now made and her supply of fabrics starting to dwindle she is wondering how to put them together. There will likely be a sashing between the blocks to help make it as large as she can, but I have to say that I do love it without the sashing.

When she started eyeing up the green of my shorts as potential sashing I figured it was time to scoot while I still had all my clothes!....M

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Jane said...

Hi Marie; I think I will put it together without sashing and use these blocks as the centrepiece and then do a couple of borders. I found a nice border that is made up of HSTs and looks like a chain link. Wait until you see what Betty has started while she was here for a visit!