Friday, May 11, 2018

Puss in the Corner

Puss in the Corner quilt: QuiltBee
I finished the Puss in the Corner quilt top today in time to get a few pics in the setting sun. It's sweet and will make a nice charity quilt.

Puss in the Corner quilt: QuiltBee
We're still none the wiser as to where those orphan green blocks came from that started the whole thing - Jane says they didn't come from her. Regardless, they now have a home and are one step closer to being a quilt.

Puss in the Corner quilt: QuiltBee
It's not huge - about 44 x 60" - but the width should make it easy to find a backing that doesn't need to be pieced. YAY!

Puss in the Corner quilt: QuiltBeeHalf way through assembling it I thought that maybe I should have reversed the use of the polka dot and yellow prints which would have made the yellows stronger but I realized that the example I was working from had the centres in the light print, so that's what I went with. Either way would work.

Puss in the Corner quilt: QuiltBee
A few corners still need to be trimmed.

There's enough of the blue left to bind it and I'm thinking that the backing needs to be a little red number, so it's time to dig through the stash.....M


Jocelyn Thurston said...

Just lovely!

Kyle said...

It's a sweet finish. Someone is going to love it.

taylorsoutback said...

Warm yellows and fresh greens - like a summer day.

bettyb said...

I think those green squares came from Mom's stash.

A sweet spring quilt.


audrey said...

I can't help but be charmed by this quilt! No giving it away if it was me--what a perfect cuddle quilt. Which is kind of the point of what you're doing here.:)

moosecraft said...

This quilt is so Summer-happy! Love it!