Thursday, May 03, 2018

Mom and Dad's Quilt

plaid flannel Bowtie quilt: QuiltBee
Baylea is proud to reveal Betty's latest finish today - a gorgeous Bowtie quilt made from wool flannel shirts that belonged to mom and dad. She's calling it Mom and Dad's quilt.

plaid flannel Bowtie quilt: QuiltBee
It's a beautiful combination of strong plaids and soft pastel solids, and a lovely memento of the two of them.

plaid flannel Bowtie quilt: QuiltBee
It is all hand stitched and the quilting is done in a variety of soft coloured pearl cottons (a gift from Jane), picking up on the soft yellow and pink fabrics.

The tiny squares are made from a rich floral that softens things nicely - a fabric she bought at Marshall’s on Bank Street in Ottawa when she was still single (she's been married since 1984!). Apparently she was "saving it for good". 😉

plaid flannel Bowtie quilt: QuiltBee
Betty's earliest quilt memory is standing in the bathroom in my paternal grandmother's home where she had a linen closet - she must have stored her quilting therein. Grandma and Mom were looking at quilt blocks and one of them was the Bowtie. She was mesmerized at how the pieces came together to form the simple bow shape.

And, just for fun, there's a little 'klepto' quilting in it too - the woollen backing was kindly donated by Linda and will make it a nice and cozy throw to snuggle under.

plaid flannel Bowtie quilt: QuiltBee
Says Betty, "I love the randomness in my quilt, which uses the same geometry throughout. And, as for the colours, it truly is a winter quilt." I couldn't agree more....M


Quilting Babcia said...

This is beautiful, I love the graphic quality seeing the whole quilt from a distance, and the soft pastels make it glow.

taylorsoutback said...

This wonderful quilt will surely wrap someone in precious memories.

audrey said...

Such a sweet, gentle looking quilt. Love the sentimental elements and the hand quilting is the icing on the cake!

Anonymous said...

Betty what a beauty she is; so nice to see this memory of your Mom and Dad quilted and standing ready to offer comfort to those who need it--just like your Mom would...xox

Natasha Friegang said...

I really love this quilt! It's quite stunning, and it has the added bonus of being made by your parent's shirts. That last photograph is especially beautiful. Happy sewing!