Saturday, April 14, 2018


Churn Dash quilt blocks: QuiltBee
Upon doing the math for Omigosh I realized that I need about 99 of the nine-patch blocks and the same number of Churn Dash blocks. Feeling the need for speed, I decided to shift gears and spend a little time on the Churn Dash blocks rather than the tiny nine-patches so I cut all of the pieces that I need for those blocks.

I've stacked them in groups of 10 and pick one or two to sew whenever I have a few minutes. To prevent boredom from setting in I mix the colours of prints in each bundle of 10.

And surprise, surprise, I have been known to fall asleep once or twice while making these blocks as well!

Churn Dash quilt block: QuiltBee
I'm really happy that I opted to make all of these blocks in shades of brown.

Churn Dash quilt block: QuiltBee
My pile is now up to 34. Still a ways to go but at least I don't feel like I will be six feet under before I get even close to finishing all of the blocks that I need for this quilt.

The occasional nine-patch block slips into the rotation; this one needs a good pressing....M


Kyle said...

Great plan of attack. We do have to come up with a strategy when there are so many repetitive blocks to make. Keep going.

Wonky Girl said...

Gosh, I'm really liking your little brown blocks. Do you have enough different browns ? I would be happy to send you a few of the browns in my stash. :-)