Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Stuck in My Scrap Basket

Most sane people would cut the 1" strips for the Omigosh nine-patch strip sets from yardage to move things along and see some real progress, but to me, this is the perfect excuse to use up all of the teenie, tiny scraps that I save.

I have weeded through my largest scrap basket - a real catch-all - finally pitching anything that I couldn't get even a single one-inch square from and pressing the bits that remained. Once I'm through with it I will move on to other baskets of scraps that I've sorted by colour and finally supplement it with yardage, but I've got a ways to go.

The tiniest of pieces are being trimmed into 1" squares/strips. It's such a kick to give those little scraps that I just couldn't part with a purpose. They are the last lovely bits of some of my favourite fabrics and some day they will be a quilt. Yay!

A few unexpected treasures have also been unearthed, like these strips of a fruit print that mom used in a quilt - just wide enough.

It was all too much for one of my rotary cutters though, who gave up the ghost...

fabric strips for Omigosh quilt: QuiltBee
You wouldn't think that it would be worth the effort but after just a little sorting and pressing I've cut two nice little piles of cream and coloured strips and a small collection of 1" blocks. It would have been so easy to just pitch the works but then I wouldn't have all of this, would I? I am so thrilled to finally have that basket dealt with and now I'm keen to see how many two-inch nine-patches this makes.....M


Chantal said...

I am like you. I need to use every little bits to almost insanity, lol. You managed to harvest a lot from your scraps. Enjoy the tiny piecing. ;^)

moosecraft said...

Sometimes....just sorting through and cutting scraps of beautiful fabrics is so relaxing...good therapy for a winter's day! :-)

Jane said...

That aubergine scrap with the fruit came from my stash. Which one of your Mom's quilts was it in?

Louise said...

Goodness, those are tiny pieces! 1.5" is the smallest I keep. It's great to see them all trimmed up and ready to jump into a quilt, isn't it? :)