Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Ten Years Feels Like a Lifetime

The gals at the church were looking for another hand quilting project so the time seemed right to bring out Martha's Star. You may recall that this was a project that mom and were working on before she passed away. I finished up the stars and then made the Single Irish Chain blocks to finish it up,

and has been sitting in this bag, backing and all, for probably 6 - 7 years. Sheesh! I guess I could have asked them to quilt it sooner but they have done a few for me and I didn't want to monopolize their time because they only do a few a winter and their numbers are dwindling.

So I got busy and drafted out a pattern and then quickly got it marked. I was dreading the marking but it came together much faster than I had anticipated, which was a bonus.

The backing will be this cream floral, which will be a nice contrast to the geometry of the pattern. FYI, that blue fabric takes me waaaaaay back. It's a remnant from kimonos that we made for a high school musical, Tea House of the August Moon, and I still love it.

I've heard that the quilt went up on the frames earlier this week and yesterday they started to quilt, which was bittersweet, as it will be 10 years ago next month that mom passed away. It was quite sudden and a shock to us all. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of her in some way and getting this quilt finished and ready to use will be another wonderful reminder of her in our lives....M


Jenny said...

How nice to be getting the church ladies to work on your late Mothers quilt. When you get it back, it will be a lovely memory of her - something you can touch and feel. Much nicer than tucked away out of sight in a bag. Perhaps you weren't quite ready to pass it over any earlier, and that's why it has been hidden away for so long?
Best wishes, Jenny from New Zealand.

Anonymous said...

Hi Marie: your Mom is smiling, knowing her quilt has been finished by the loving hands of her very capable daughter, following in her footsteps. What a joy! Salut, Lindianna xo

Kyle said...

What a sweet post about you and your mom working together in this quilt and the dedicated ladies at church who will bring it to life with their stitches.

Julierose said...

What a beautiful quilt patten--love that blue fabric, too hugs, Julierose