Saturday, March 18, 2017

Circular Evidence

It's amazing to see progress on a project that hasn't been touched in years - you realize that all you had to do was start. Enter Orange Peel. Once I got myself organized and cut the remaining cream squares that I needed and then set up a system for assembling the blocks, everything seemed to fall into place. You just have to start.

So I'm going in circles these days, making the circular 'sandwiches' with the batting, the four patches and the cream blocks.

So some piles are getting smaller and some are getting taller.

It's tempting to start trimming them but I'm going to try and finish this step before I move along to the the next. The trimming and turning will be a good thing to do while I'm watching TV. Then they need to be pressed, top stitched, and finally assembled. Lots of steps to this one, but because it's quilt-as-you-go it will be a finished quilt when the last circle is added - not even a binding to fuss about.

I've run out of batting squares so it's time to cut more of those before I can do anything else....M


moosecraft said...

Yep! You just have to start! :-) I've had this "moment" myself...and found out that getting into the zone is quite a happy place to be! Enjoy the process...looking forward to seeing how this looks all done! :-)

Kyle said...

Restarting an older project can be a good thing and sometimes not. But it looks like you're on a roll!