Thursday, January 02, 2014

Football, Hockey and Candied Hexagons

New Year's Day is always quiet and laid back for us, and I love it. This year, in addition to having the Rose Bowl parade and football game to enjoy from sunny California, we also tuned in the Winter Classic to watch Detroit and Toronto battle it out in a frigid and very snowy outdoor hockey game (yaaaa Toronto!). With the Official Cookie Tester working the remote and flicking back and forth between stations at will, I was free to pick up my stitching and sew to my heart's content.

It was more hexies, but this time it was putting together the last couple of rows of Candied Hexagons - much larger pieces than Minnie's. I had 3 rows left to do and managed to get 2 of them together, so now it's down to the last one.

Earlier in the fall I had sewn the first two rows to each other so once I get this one together it should be clear sailing, I just have to remember which order I had planned to lay them out in.

The rows have been patiently sitting across the back of this chair for a couple of months now.

I wanted something light for lunch so I made Bonnie Stern's Caramelized Onion Pizza from her fabulous book Essentials of Home Cooking. You can eat it as an appetizer or as a light lunch with a green salad, which is what I did. For the cheese I just used Cambozola - de-lish! I could have eaten the entire thing myself. I found a link to it online so rather than typing it out again I'm just sending you there...M


Karen H said...

Your Candied Hexagons are looking more and more beautiful. Hopefully we'll get to see the finished quilt top in the near future! I'm still trying to convince my brother to make me a nice little thread caddy like the one you have!

A Nudge said...

Yum! We love onions here, so I'll have to go to that link. Love both of your hexie projects and invite you to share them at Hexy Weekend.
Stay warm!