Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Back to Blues

The idea of picking up that little pile of scraps and whipping them up into something useful quickly seems to be fading, but I still want to get it finished so it was back to making Strippy X Blocks in blue and grey. I had enough blocks to make two runners three Xs long, but they didn't seem substantial enough.

So I made nine more blocks for them each of them to be five Xs long. They were fine, but I couldn't say that I was overly excited about them. When you look at them from a distance they almost look like DNA strands, don't they?

I started sewing the blocks together but there was still this nagging feeling about the whole thing. Now that I have my handy dandy design wall I decided to see if I liked them any better if they were all one piece laid out in three shorter columns. Much better.

But that meant that I'd need to make even more strippy blocks. My 'speedy' little project was taking longer and longer, but I decided that it was worth it, so I found a few blues and greys to add to what was already cut and made four more blocks.

The tutorial suggests that you sew one long strip of the scraps and just cut the lengths that you need for each block from it, but I found it easier to make strips that measured just over 9" and work from those.

So this is the final layout and I like it best (the left hand column is shorter because all of those blocks are sewn together). It's 36" x 36" and is going to be a charity baby quilt. I'm not one for square quilts but I think for a baby quilt I can make an exception. It will likely need a cream border but I'll get it together and then see if I'm right....M


audrey said...

Funny how those speedy projects can end up being incredibly time consuming just to get them 'right'.:) Love the details in your lovely fabrics.

Susan said...

I like the Dan but I think your final choice is best. It may have started as a speedy project but it's obviously captured you creatively.

Prairie Patch Quilts said...

I like your choice of making it a little baby quilt. It is coming along very nicely. Very soft blue colors!

Prairie Patch Quilts said...
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Kyle said...

Oh, those speedy projects never want to get finished. I know exactly what you mean.

marina said...

love the look of your final layout. such beautiful scraps too, can't believe they are great they they have become a wonderful new project/