Wednesday, January 21, 2015

What If...

There's been lots more pondering about the star quilt that I started on a whim and how far out of my comfort zone I'm prepared to wander i.e. do I mix in the graphic prints that were in the original bundle of fabrics with the floral background. I like all of the fabrics together but I really do like all of the florals in the star blocks on their own too. Sooo, I started to play 'what if'.

What if I used the graphic prints for flying geese? I'm really liking them in the geese... What if they become a border, or maybe columns to separate the columns of star blocks?

Should the print be used for the goose or should the goose be white? A mix maybe? Maybe the geese will become a quilt of their own?

I've made up geese in two of the prints and am liking what I see on the floor right now. There's a grey floral that might get made into three more star blocks because if the quilt is going to be wider with the addition of columns of geese it should probably be longer as well (so much for just 'whipping up a little quilt top').

Still not sure if this is one quilt or two but it's a good workout for my tiny little brain....M


audrey said...

Your quilt is fantastic! LOVE your color/print/block combination. It's really coming together very well.:)

Anonymous said...

I love your fabric choices and colours. It's going to be a great quilt with or without the geese. What size are the star blocks? I made a quilt (quilt top if I'm honest!) with 12" stars and nearly added a flying geese border but didn't as my top was too busy. It would look great with yours though