Saturday, January 03, 2015

Busy Bee

Dori's been busy lately putting together a new baby quilt for a women's shelter near her, and it's really sweet.

It's an Hourglass - lots of great brights combined with white.

She's getting better at taking photos of the whole process for me to share with you, for which I am  grateful - to me it's about sharing the process as much as the final product. The blocks are about 4.5" - she started with a 6" block.

She's only machine quilted a few quilts but with every one gets better and better. This one is quilted following the diagonal seams, which I like.

It's bound and backed with a large, multi-coloured plaid - you can see a strip of binding hanging on the left side of this pic. Just love bias binding in plaids - there's something about having the checks on the point that really appeals to me.

There was a baby girl born in the shelter about five weeks ago, so it will be for her. When it was bundled up for delivery Dori included a few soft and cuddly stuffed toys made by our friend Nancy - a thoughtful and wonderful parcel for any new mother and child....M


Susan said...

Beautiful quilt and a beautiful gesture too. The quilting looks great.

Raewyn said...

Well done, Dori. A lovely quilt which I am sure will be much appreciated!

Patchwork Polly said...

Such a scrumptious quilt :)

audrey said...

Really sweet. I'm sure it will be very loved.:)

Anonymous said...

What a gift your Mother passed along to your whole family, well done Dori. My daughter Allie and her new son Logan received two small handmade Christmas quilts from the Ottawa hospital where he was born--hope to do the same some day and pass it forward. A lovely gesture and one Martha would certainly approve of. xox Linda