Sunday, August 17, 2014

Lets Make a Deal

I spent a little time making a deal with myself - if I'm starting Danuta's Garden (and I have) I wanted to finish off the row of Wonky Stars, get it attached to my Postage Stamp quilt and move this one to the finished column.

The stars have been laid out on the floor waiting for another one or two to be added to the end, and they have been there for a few weeks now, so it was time to get everything put together.

It came together nicely in the end and I'm lovin' the result. There are 3,024 2-inch square hand-pieced blocks, but the stars (13-inch blocks) were made on the machine. And if you look closely around the top and right edges you can see the purple diamond border pattern that I worked in.

Those stars are really fun to make - I'd like to make a baby quilt out of them.

The size of the blocks didn't fit perfectly with the length of the quilt so I added two pieces of sashing in the bottom left corner - just one more bit of scrappiness....M


Kyle said...

I can't believe the number of squares you hand pieced. wow! What an awesome collection of fabrics. Looks like you completed the deal.

Susan said...

That is a lot of hand piecing and a great looks like confetti.

Anonymous said...

spectacularski Marie! see you at Danuta's garden soon. Linda