Monday, August 25, 2014

A Little 'Gardening'

It's been busy at work lately and we've also been enjoying a few late summer visitors and special occasions, so stitching isn't getting top billing these days. That said, I have been playing with the sashing strips for Danuta's Garden a tad. These little blocks are fun to put together and I love how the string of blocks evolves as it grows.

There will be 7 long sashing strips that will need 29 4-patch blocks so I have a ways to go on that front, but I have a dozen put together for the first strip. I've got several dozen of the little 4-patch blocks together and pressed so I should see some progress now. These tiny hits of colour remind me of flower buds.

I also need to make 48 3-block sashing pieces, and have 4 done except for the corners, so this baby has a ways to go, which is just fine. I'm in no rush and think that it will be fun to sew during the chilly autumn/winter months - those yellow dots are bright and cheery and will warm things up a bit.

Things were spread out all over the kitchen table one day when I needed to do a quick clean-up job because we were having company so everything got stuffed into this little fruit basket from the farmer's market. It's cute but has limited real estate so I'll need to find something else to store it in soon. Not a bad problem to have....M


Raewyn said...

This really is a lovely project! The colours/fabrics you have chosen are gorgeous!

Susan said...

Good to see you're still getting a little sewing time between work and visitors. They will make very nice borders.