Monday, July 08, 2013

Summer Fun

When it's as hot and humid as it has been this past week the water is the place to be, so we headed out to Jane's cottage for the weekend to try and stay cool, but only after stopping at the farmers' market to pick up our first basket of fresh strawberries for the season. And that meant only one thing - we were having Strawberry Shortcake for dessert. A little bittersweet chocolate with sea salt was a new garnish this time around. Yum!

I'll have a few posts to share from the weekend and the first is some of Linda's work for her newest granddaughter, Hannah. It's the prettiest little quilt filled with pinks and yellows and polka dots and pretty prints that any little girl would just love to have. The blocks are cut from a print based on the children's book, The Paper Bag Princess, and create a bit of an 'I Spy' theme as each one is different.

Aren't they just the cutest?

The handywoman...

And of course, a little retail wear a crown shopping, don't you?

The blue lines that you see are a few flowers that still have to be quilted.

Such attention to detail...lovely little yoyos are scattered throughout, covering the centres of 4-patches - there will be lots to keep little eyes busy.

What makes it particularly pretty is the eyelet trim that she has edged it with.

Did I say how adorable it was? And the feathered circles quilted into the border are just the icing on the cake. Lucky Hannah....M


Barb said...

That's such a cute quilt - darling! And I can taste your strawberry dessert from here!

Anonymous said...

Marie you are far too flattering. Nice to see my stuff on your blog. Thanks.

Anne said...

This is such a sweet little gem. Hannah is one lucky little girl and I am sure she will treasure this quilt for many years to come. Nicely done Linda.