Monday, July 15, 2013

Slow Mo Stitching

I have great fun checking out all my favourite quilt blogs on a daily basis but because many of my projects are hand sewn I sometimes I feel like I am quilting in slow motion - you don't just whip up a quilt in a day or two and move on when it's hand stitched. It's a more laid back (and often slow) process, which doesn't always generate great new 'progress' images for posting, particularly when you are working on a two-colour quilt! It also doesn't help when the finished size of many of the pieces is one inch square :).

Spot was one of those projects. I started it last summer on a whim and finished it up last weekend at the cottage. It's nice to have it finished, so I thought I'd give you the slow motion version of finishing the top.

The last of the sashing pieces.

Sashing's ready to go.

And on it goes.

Wa la! I'll need to figure out what to do about a backing but at 43"x 36" the top is finito...M


audrey said...

Very sweet and your hand quilt is incredible! You are obviously very patient.:)

Susan said...

Simple but beautiful. Lovely work.

MamaT said...

It's beautiful! I envy your patience!

Anonymous said...

Marie you always were a brute for punishment, working with small pieces, sewing one stitch at a time, etc. etc...... but as always the final product is always stupendous and beautiful too. Lucky person who gets this quilt, it's a happy one.