Monday, July 22, 2013

Laying It Out

All of the hexies now have one mauve triangle attached so I thought I'd start playing with the layout a bit. It's the first time I've laid more than 6 or 8 of them out together and I was surprised at how large it will be - 8 blocks wide by 11 rows high. I suspect some of that is the result of deciding to insert the triangles rather than have the hexies bumping up against each other, but that's okay as I like my quilts on the bigger side.

As I laid it out I realized that I would have a better sense of where I wanted to place the blocks if all of the triangles were in place so I'll now sew a second one onto each hexie and see about the final layout.

Two blocks have a mauve print border that is very close in colour to the triangles and I toyed with changing them up, but decided not to.

There are about 8 large, single-pieced hexies in large floral prints scattered throughout, like the brown one in the upper left corner, and I really like the look of them so I'm toying with adding one or two more to get more texture and build on the interest created by the blocks with fussy cuts.

I really like the fabric combinations in each of the blocks but at times when I was laying it out I felt as though they lost something when they were all laid out together. I think that when there is more mauve - and less hardwood - and it's all quilted (and you are sleeping under it!) that won't be an issue.

Yesterday was a picture perfect summer day after all the wild, stormy weather we've had this week so we packed a bag and headed to the beach for a swim and to find a shady spot to read and sew....M


Brandie said...

Sleeping under this would make the most romantic of dreams.

Grit said...

Looks so wonderful, I love your quilt.

Karen H said...

Is there anything prettier than a hexagon quilt? I think not! The lavender fabric sets off the hexagons beautifully. And I love the name Candied Hexagons! Thanks for sharing.