Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Pondering Xs and Os

One benefit of having quilt blocks sit around for a while is that you sometimes see things that missed your eye initially. When I realized that I was half a row short for the Stained Glass blocks I noticed that the top row and the bottom row ended differently on the corners.

The golds in the top row created an O shape...

but the golds in the bottom row created an X. After pondering this for a while I've decided to make the corners Xs - I just like other overall layout better. If I had gone with the Os I was planning to make the corner triangle from one of the stained glass prints but I think the X is stronger.

My little 4-legged visitor got in on the act too - obviously she felt that there were a few blocks that needed to be moved around before it was all sewn together.

Still pondering; not quite right....M


Grit said...

Beautiful blocks.
Grit from Germany

Anne said...

Always good to get a second opinion.