Friday, April 05, 2013

More Baby Quilts

Anne continues to be keen on using up her stash so she has started two small charity quilts, and both will be darling - she just keeps showing up with her orange bin and new projects in it.

This one is made from her leftover ginghams and batiks and a piece of flannel from mom's stash - the blue fabric has tiny yellow stars throughout so I'm calling it Twinkle.

It's the same basic block as she used for Addi's quilt but Betty moved her from doing a basic grid design to something a little more random. Here's Betty hard at work. (Don't you just LOVE her walls? That yellow strip is just a tiny sampling of what she has done throughout her foyer and front hall - all hand painted, by her!).

The pink ball of fabric on the left is the backing.

It's together now and Anne machine quilted it so now she's on to the binding. She's using random strips of different ginghams that she's sewn together, which will be fun.

The second one she's working on is another fussy cut but larger centre blocks than she used for Addi. All the centres are from a Winnie the Pooh fabric and somebody's going to love this one. You can't help but smile as you work your way through the stack of blocks.

The elderly mother of a friend is at a loss for things to do so Anne cuts and prepares the pieces and sends them off to her to assemble and then picks them up in a few days. She's a beautiful seamstress so the blocks are well done. Nice partnership!

Here's another one...

and another.

Makes you want to be a kid again....M

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Anne said...

That beautiful blue fabric with stars came from Betty's stash. She played with different arrangements and, remembering mom's lessons in frugality and efficiency laid out and pieced this little gem in such a way that she used all the blue fabric. I think it is neat the way my orphans and mom and Betty's fabrics came together to make this little Twinkle. I want to hand quilt a large star in each block and a heart in the pink block. Thanks for your great ideas and the fabric Betty.