Monday, February 25, 2013

Breaking the Plane

There's a little more progress on my Pumpkin Patch at Midnight to share with you - not much, but some. With each strip/round it gets richer and richer - I'm just loving it. Since this will be a table topper and not a full-sized quilt it should be done fairly soon.

I've been inspired by Krista Withers spiderweb to break the plane of the border in a few locations to make it just a little bit more interesting. The blocks in the upper left of this photo illustrate where the natural border is - it's a bit tough to see here but the outer border will be a black print (the flecked 'fabric' that you are seeing that looks like a border is the carpet, a.k.a. my design wall!). If I was just making it square I would have stopped after finishing the two triangles in the upper left corner of the very bottom web, but I'm going to have this web (or pumpkin) spill over into the border. I'll do this in two or three other places.

I think I have two more full pumpkins, two halves and a quarter to make and then it will be time to sew all the triangles together and put the black border on it. It's so much fun to look at - your eye spends a lot of time travelling through the various circles, and the pieced corners just seem to pop when the oranges and yellow are added to them.

A few of you were asking which of Material Obsession's books this pattern is from - it's from Material Obsession 2. I'd love to see photos of your projects if you decide to make one.

The instructions advise to pull all your strips for a spiderweb and then sit down to sew, trimming as you go, but I've decided to cut all the lengths that I need before starting the sewing - I just find it easier to have everything organized before I begin to sew. I cut what I need for whatever web I am working on and then mix up the colours a bit with remnants from previous strips to make the pumpkins more interesting....M


Brandie said...

Rich, I agree! It's lovely!

Rachaeldaisy said...

Wow!! What a great version of this quilt. I love your Halloween colours. This quilt is so on my To Do list but knowing me it will be lots of crazy colours.